ROUNDTABLES consist of a select number of car and truck rental operators that meet regularly to exchange information in an effort to improve their companies’ efficiency and profit.

ROUNDTABLE groups are comprised of members from different non-competing geographic areas, both domestic and international.

Roundtable Membership Includes:
Two-day meetings held twice a year at locations the members select. The format for each meeting is determined by the members.

Some previous discussion items have included:

  • Fleet Planning, Acquisition and Disposal
  • The Latest Fleet Deals
  • Fleet Financing
  • Local Market Development
  • Daily Operating Controls
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Personnel and Training
  • Management Compensation and Bonus Plans
  • Current Legislative Issues
  • Accident and Damage Recovery
  • Yield/Revenue Management
  • Monthly comparative statements comprised of the members operating results. Current vs. prior year comparisons are provided as appropriate.

Every meeting has a Profit Idea Session, in which each member contributes $50 and presents an idea, with a handout, that will improve profits. The best idea, by vote of the members, wins 75% of the contributed pot and the runner-up receives 25%. The Profit Idea session alone is worth the time and cost of attending the meeting.

To ensure that there is no competitive conflict, The Tennant Group requires that you complete a Prospective Member Profile and Application. We distribute the application and poll existing members to discover any potential conflicts that are not apparent to us. Assuming there are none, you are invited to attend the next scheduled meeting as a guest. At the end of the meeting, you will be asked if you would like to join the group, and if you do, the group will be asked to approve your membership.

Our meetings promote open and frank discussion, which generally lead to the development of business relationships with independent and franchised operators from various markets and ongoing conversations among the members between meetings.


Each member must commit to:
Provide monthly operating results on a timely basis.
Regularly attend group meetings.
Actively participate in the exchange of ideas.

The current ongoing membership fee is $200 per month, billed quarterly in advance. Each member is responsible for their own travel costs to the meetings. The cost of meals and breaks are prorated among attendees and the cost of the meeting room, audio-visual and the chairman’s expenses are divided equally among all member companies.

Feel free to talk to Jim about this at any time.

To discuss your potential membership in the Roundtable with Jim Tennant, call 707-287-1311 or email There is no cost or obligation.
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