Operational assistance can be provided to senior management to give an overview of the operation from an outside, independent and very experienced perspective.  The assistance usually encompasses some or all of the areas listed below but can be customized to meet management’s needs. We would normally visit each location and meet with location and other managers to gain an understanding of the company’s operating procedures.

The areas usually covered include:

  • Fleet planning, acquisition and disposal
  • Yield and revenue management
  • Customer service
  • Counter sales procedures
  • Financial and fleet controls

During the review we would normally discuss with the respective managers the improvements to procedures or practices that we feel will help improve the operation. We would then prepare a follow up report summarizing the observations and recommendations.

Depending on the situation, a What If Scenario, which is a well-designed model of your business, can provide an invaluable tool for evaluating the many options that are available to you.  We can take your financial results and operating statistics and develop a model that allows you to plug in changes to variables and instantly see the impact on your business.

This approach is valuable at any time, but in particular if you are contemplating making significant changes to your business, you will find these scenarios an invaluable tool.

Feel free to talk to Jim about this at any time.

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