Investors and Financial Analysts

Jim Tennant writes a rate survey column for Auto Rental News. The surveys are conducted weekly for the top 50 U S airports and the columns are published monthly online and in the print edition of Auto Rental News.

These are the only regular surveys of U S vehicle rental rates and are being followed by a number of financial analysts and investors interested in the vehicle rental industry. Jim provides copies of the columns and answers to routine questions when requested at no charge. A number of analysts regularly conduct longer, paid telephone interviews with Jim and/or request special analysis to obtain a deeper understanding of the rate surveys and the implications of rate movements and his take on recent developments in the industry.

We also offer a weekly Rate Subscription Service that investors and analysts that are tracking the vehicle rental industry find useful. Just click here for more details.

Feel free to talk to Jim about this at any time.

To discuss the rate surveys or the industry in general with Jim Tennant, call 707-287-1311 or email

There is no cost or obligation.

To view or print his Curriculum Vitae in PDF format, click here.