Our extensive background, experience and reputation in the vehicle rental industry provide legal and insurance professionals with a unique source of expert analysis and expert witness services.

We can provide expert witness testimony in franchisee/franchisor relations, negligent entrustment, product liability, lost rental revenue, management competence, rental business valuations and any other aspect of the vehicle rental industry.

As well as providing expert witness services, our experience can help shaping litigation strategy by quickly analyzing all aspects of the case, if we are consulted early enough.  We can save you hours!

We have been accepted as expert witness in the vehicle rental industry in numerous cases and have never been denied. We have testified and/or been deposed in approximately ten cases and have been retained in numerous others that were settled before depositions or trial.

To discuss your case with Jim Tennant, call 707-287-1311 or email Jim@TennantGroup.com. There is no cost or obligation.